The origins of Malkop date back to 1995. At that time, we started as a distributor of high quality linen and cotton products for the butcher industry. Through years of experience gained in finding its way, the company has become a leading and global manufacturer of textiles for many industries. Among others, butchering, automotive, clothing and many others. Today, we offer a wide range of products from natural raw materials as well as synthetic, stretchable, flexible, resistant to moisture and heat.

Our products can be found in almost all food and construction supermarkets and the like in most European countries as well as Asia under various brands. They are also hidden in your furniture, upholstery, clothes and footwear.

Constant Development

We are constantly working on new products to exceed the expectations of our partners. We approach each project with full commitment.

our team

Our associates are specialized filaments. We work in a pleasant, family atmosphere.

we are looking into the future

We are changing together with our environment, we set new trends and adapt to the customer’s requirements.

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